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  1. eve

    First: I figure that if “We the People” (the 90%) had a sizable stash, say
    around $3 trillion+ contributed by all citizens (it IS possible). As a collective there is nothing we could not do. The next step, use the power of unity AND money to force a Revision, change or elimination of certain political ideas that threaten the foundation of it’s people, it’s nation and including the three primary governing bodies. Since “We” are the wealthiest group in the USA,
    we would immediately revise tax codes, forcing political bodies to conform to what is “best for the common good”, for the needs and comforts of US citizens (only) and not the 10%. If governing bodies take too long past a given date….the people make the decision and reprimand the slackers. We will proclaim war and poverty as obsolete and work on life policies, human and earth issues….policies rather than the ‘politics’ of man so that a century from now those after us will marvel at our enlightenment, achievements and stature. We the People will “take the country” back and use our own many talents, skills, ideals and innovations, insights and …money.

    December 31, 2011 at 7:13 am

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